From Bauhaus to Ecohaus - Peder Anker

How are human beings currently changing this planet? And with what consequences? Can we still stop global warming? And, if yes, with what means and in what language?


Over the course of five days, the Center for Literature at Burg Hülshoff celebrated new visions for the future of this planet. For five days, artists, scientists, ecoactivists and the audience took part in the festival Natur am Bau (Nature at Work) with a wide variety of formats, ranging from a rock and roll show to a community garden project.


Natur am Bau (Nature at Work) also asked, during the year of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school, whether modern construction can actually be ecological. How probable is it that the Anthropocene (the geological era of the human being) will end well?



Kamera & Schnitt: Philipp Wachowitz, Alina Schäfer