On 26 and 27 October 2018 the Burg Hülshoff - Center for Literature presented its first Double Feature: Vor dem Fest: Gegen die Welt (Before the Feast: Versus the World).


Both texts, Saša Stanišić’s Vor dem Fest (Before The Feast) and Jan Brandt’s Gegen die Welt (Versus The World) are staged by media artists. In the first part, Jan Brandt performs the protagonist of his own text, who fights against a whole village community. Between Fantasy, Science Fiction and Heavy Metal, video artist Ian Purnell, musician Tim Gorinski and stage designer Philine Rinnert form a multi-media space which makes the structural violence of a Western-German village in the early 90s visible and audible. In the second part, Saša Stanišić and a choir present the tableau vivant of a village in the Brandenburg region. 


Texte/Lesung: Jan Brandt und Saša Stanišic
Video: Ian Purnell
Musik/Sound: Tim Gorinski
Raum: Philine Rinnert
Chorleitung: Rüdiger Schrade-Tönnißen